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Right Ideas is a business consulting firm in South Eastern, Pennsylvania, that since 1981, has offered highly specialized consulting services. Our company is built on the belief that regardless of changes in the marketplace, leadership coaching, strategic direction, and effective business development are constantly needed.

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The Connected Customer

Due to rapid technological advances, business change is inevitable. Along with the fast-growing tech industry a new type of consumer has emerged. Called the “connected consumer,” this new breed affects business marketing in ways never before possible. The rise of social media gives this new generation more access to information and better connectivity even allowing for new purchasing platforms in the form of online shopping to emerge.  Increased Internet availability and affordable smartphones are a couple of the things we can thank for this. Compared to 10 years ago, today’s consumer is more informed, more empowered, and more connected to the world.

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Adapting to the Change

To help your company to adapt to this paradigm shift, Right Ideas can help you learn more about your customers and apply a new strategy to your business direction and communications. Having conducted hundreds of focus group discussions, surveys and experimental research, we can get to know your customers better than you do. Marketing in the age of the Internet is a challenge that requires a review of your marketing philosophy. We help you by looking inside and outside your company and providing insightful analysis that suggests a new and different mix of marketing strategies so you can adapt to rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

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Effective Solutions for Improving Your Business

Right Ideas provides leadership coaching and business development to organizations that need corporate solutions for growth. As strategic generalists with more than 30 years of experience, we give you a comprehensive and extensive view of your market and realistic strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning:
Research shows that less than half of today’s businesses have a regularly updated, goal-driven strategic plan. Strategic planning is our strength. We help you develop a plan and get to know members of your market segments with our consumer-driven interactive techniques. Our hyper-targeted marketing communications plans help you reach your audience and create relational customers.
Counseling & Accountability:
Our way of counseling and providing accountability goes beyond the typical consultant. We look within your organization and help you train and utilize your most valuable asset – your people. We put a premium on servant leadership and couple that with high-tech personnel assessment and training. This lets us maximize impact inside and outside your organization.

Right Ideas believes that business development is an inherent need in a constantly shifting marketing landscape. Based in Blandon, Pennsylvania, we provide customer relationship management and product marketing strategies through market research and focus group discussions.

The immersion of our culture into all things digital means that marketing product information through traditional media like print, video, and audio is no longer sufficient. With free Internet access, information on products and services must be advertised to consumers through their chosen technologies and on their schedule. People now expect businesses to educate them to better understand each product and service and provide a convenient way for them to obtain information. Therefore, businesses should give added value that not only builds a solid relationships, but also increases consumer involvement. The goal is to build a relationship with real, live people as the organization satisfies the customer.

Our Services

Right Ideas believes that business development is an inherent need in a constantly shifting marketing landscape. We provide customer relationship management and product marketing strategies through market research and focus group discussions.

Leadership Team Building
Coaching & Accountability
Strategic Planning Counsel
Critical Goal Establishment
Business Plan Development
Market Research
Marketing Communications
Branding & Rebranding Strategies
Message Creation
Resource Allocations
Training & Development
New Media Implementation

A New Framework

Since the 1950s, the model for most product and service marketing has been the 4Ps: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Business today has evolved to your knowing the needs and experiences of consumers. Answering the question of “WHY” people buy is of paramount importance. We help you answer the “WHY” question and replace the 4Ps with a new marketing framework called S.A.V.E. The acronym stands for Solution, Access, Value, and Education.


This new solution-selling strategy allows your business to appeal to your customers by focusing more on their needs and wants.


Meeting the ever-changing needs of connected consumers means understanding them intuitively and with empathy.

This is called “Grok” or “Grokking.”


We help you do this as we develop “consumer personas” that anticipate customer needs.

Leading you through a well thought-out planning process prepares you to better understand your customers.


Moreover, we assist you in implementing a consumer feedback and discussion plan to make sure your products and services satisfy your target market.

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The team of professionals at Right Ideas is remarkable in its diverse expertise—business, education, finance, technology, communications, research, Christian ministry, design and creative arts. Everyone on our staff works on a basis of unified values and with a desire for excellence. We couple that with a servant leadership mentality. Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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